The Daring Ninja Photographer

Become a Ninja

how to become a ninja. 

There are two paths to become a Ninja.

Either you apply as a ronin( a wandering ninja with no home, seeking a home.) 

If you are applying as a Ronin, Deliver us a letter of intent, stating why you want to join The Society, your skill sets and which division interests you. Along with a video introduction of who you are.


Apply to the Ninja Academy as a student. 

The academy is where would-be ninja start; they are not actually considered ninja until they graduate. Academy students take formal and practical tests of all sorts and are taught basic ninja skills, such as martial arts techniques, social skills, teamwork, vunerability, physical fitness and the way of the ninja.

Upon graduating, students will partake in the ancient ceremony of exchanging cups of loyalty. The students by exchanging a cup of loyalty with the Jiang(Head Ninja) show their commitment to providing a home to humanity and living the way of the Ninja by striving towards Love, Loyalty, Integrity, and Empathy. 

If you would like to apply to the Ninja Academy, Deliver us a letter of intent, stating why you want to join The Society, your skill sets, which division interests you, and a video introduction of who you are. 



Division 1 handles all aspects of Event Production.

Event Ninjas provide full execution of Fang projects, including: special events, sponsorship activations, tradeshow exhibits, red carpet parties, product launches, publicity stunts, and corporate meetings. 

  • As an Event Ninja at FANG, you will work day to day with our clients to transform concepts into unique brand experiences including: Special events, sponsorship activations, tradeshow exhibits, premiere parties, product launches, and corporate meetings.
  • Interface with clients to extract their goals and objectives and properly meet expectations.
  • Develop and managing project timelines and to keep our vendors accountable.
  • Collaborate with our creative team on event design, including décor, floral and scenic.
  • Coordinate production schedules, permits, and logistics.
  • Source and supervising contracts with venues and vendors.
  • Prepare event documents, including production schedules, production books, and packing manifests.
  • Ability to write effectively and professionally.
  • Capability to multi-task and work closely with key players.
  • Confidence in verbal communication.
  • Ability to communicate and problem solve effectively.
  • Extraordinary organizational skills, self-motivation and intuition.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to a fast-paced, agency environment.
  • Solid understanding of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology is highly desirable. 


Division 2 handles all aspects of Media Production.

Media Ninjas provide full execution of Fang Media Projects. 

We’re looking for a highly creative, strategic thinker to direct outside agencies and manage all aspects of a campaign from concept through final delivery, ensuring that all elements conform to the brand. 

Solid understanding of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology is highly desirable. 

Specific responsibilities include: 
· Produce and deliver promotional materials, including; Series launch promotions; Episodic promotions; Behind-the-scenes promos & vignettes; Brand spots; Guide and direct project coordinators, video editors, sound editors and announcer talent. 
· Ability to think strategically and understand the “big picture” of a particular project/campaign, and the needs of all the stakeholders globally. 
· Write and/or evaluate scripts
· Work closely with Creative, Brand, Social, Synergy and Project Management teams
· Supervise projects with in house and outside production companies. 
· Organize, supervise and execute projects from concept through delivery. 
· Commitment to delivering projects on time, on budget and on brand.
· Must be capable of “out of the box” creative – needs to work with other team members on creating break through campaigns across all platforms. 
· Familiarity with social media platforms
· Manage editorial, graphic production, music composition, and sound design. 
· Assist with various managerial and administrative duties.