The Daring Ninja Photographer




Zhe Liu | Bio 4 Corporate Friends

During college, Being contracted to work for the United States Air Force under the Sergeant Major of Hickam AFB in Honolulu HI, my foundations of Loyalty, Integrity, and Empathy were established. Moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Youtube brought me on as a project manager where I handled content monetization and digital rights for influencers with 1m+ followers. After my time in the tech industry, I transitioned to media production working with artists such as Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, and Danity Kane. My current focus involves producing content for the cryptocurrency industry such as Bitcoin & Ethereum.


Fang | Bio 4 Creative Friends

He’s generally light-hearted and gregarious, making jokes at his own expense and giving a mirthful laugh about it afterwards. In his interactions with others, he likes to pretend to be smug or selfish, upsetting them so that he could further rile them up with his humor. Even when entering into the business arena, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to be flashy and over the top, striking poses and giving dramatic self introductions.

Friends and foes alike are fond of him for his eccentricities, admiring that somebody so seemingly irreverent could in actuality be an extremely competent Ninja. His loyalty is so great, he is willing to sacrifice himself for humanity.

Sun Sign | Aquarius

Rising | Aries

Moon | Scorpio

Passion Projects

During his rest days, the daring ninja can be found winning hackathons, collaborating with altruistic women and speaking on panels in order to educate the public on the future of digital money.